Friday, 11 February 2011

Words ...

A word is dead
when it is said,
some say.
I say it
just begins to live
that day.
Emily Dickinson.
A fun certificate arrived in today's post.  For the next year I have "adopted" the word "coffee"!  I've been asked to make it feel welcome and to give it exercise!  In this house "coffee" will get more than enough of that!
This is part of a charity fund raising effort supported by Stephen Fry; it was from his recommendation that I applied to adopt "coffee".  To my surprise it was available ... I'd imagined that it would be one of the first to find a home ... but maybe not everyone is as passionate about it as I am.
The charity, "I CAN", aims to help children who struggle to communicate.  At least one child in ten has difficulties with speech, language or communication and I CAN provides expert help either in mainstream education or in the special I CAN schools.
Words are so important to those of us who try to communicate with people every day.  How difficult it must be for those who cannot say what is in their minds.
You'll not be surprised to know that my mind turns both to Genesis and to John's Gospel when I think of  "Word".  It was in the beginning that the power of the Word brought creation into being.  God said ... and it was done ...
Then John the Evangelist begins his account with, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God ..."  To communicate with humanity God uses words .... there are hints in creation (big, loud hints) but it is through the Word that a clearer, fuller revelation becomes possible.
Meanwhile, unaware that we are now responsible for "coffee", the dog Eliot wanders about the garden ... He will respond to words like "walk, toy, dish, bed, no and Trevor"!  Eliot's vocabulary is not extensive but he definitely knows what certain words mean!
Speak, Lord, in the stillness,
speak your word to me;
help me now to listen
in expectancy.

For the words you give me,
they are life indeed;
living bread from heaven,
now my spirit feed.

Speak, your servant listens - 
I await your word;
let me know your presence,
let your voice be heard!

Church Hymnal number 624 verses 1, 3 and 4.
E M (Grimes) Crawford (1868-1927)

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Loey said...

What a good idea adopting a word!
I like Eliot's facial expression :)