Wednesday, 9 February 2011


 From the next room and over the sound of "The Weakest Link" Eliot heard the little bag of mini eggs being opened.
 Of course, they were on the table so he wasn't interested - ha!
 However, it might be a good idea to lie down on the floor and pretend to sleep!  Maybe there'd be a reward for being a good dog.
 Nope, that didn't work ... tactic number two ... look with pleading eyes in the hope that the camera might be put away and the wee eggs unwrapped.
 Or ... there may be more photographs ... and more photographs .... and ... then the torture begins when the egg is cut open and photographed.  Why not just eat it?
 How big is a wee egg?
Well ... sitting on a standard laptop keypad it really isn't very big at all.  And so another photo shoot begins ...
 While poor old Eliot is again lying patiently watching there are more and more angles ...
 Finally, the little clutch of eggs proves to be too much of a temptation for Eliot's owner ... and one by one they "bit the dust"!  Chocolate isn't good for dogs so Eliot received only token crumbs and then returned to sleep in the next room, a satisfied and happy dog!  He really is so easy to please.
Someone did point out to me that temptation isn't always so obvious!  It creeps up on you unexpectedly and you've given in before realizing that it was there.  That's when we need to be alert and ready to resist.

O Jesus, I have promised
to serve thee to the end;
be thou for ever near me,
my Master and my Friend.
I shall not fear the battle
if thou art by my side,
nor wander from the pathway,
if thou wilt be my guide.

Church Hymnal number 593
John E Bode (1816-74)      


Anita said...

I love the look of intense concentration in Eliot's eyes!! My dog doesn't like chocolate particularly, which is just as well. Or maybe not!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Eliot won't eat "dog chocolate" but loves the human stuff that is bad for him! I therefore rarely have chocolate when he's around.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant new look to the blog. No more feeling down in the dumps with you and Eliot looking out at us!! MrsMcF

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the feedback on the new look ... wonder who MrsMcF is!!?

Loey said...

Such great shots of Eliot :)
He always has such expressive eyes!