Sunday, 13 February 2011

Praise and Honour

Although arranged by an American I just "had" to put UK spelling in the title!
"Praise and Honor" is an anthem by Russell Robinson to music by JS Bach and was the choir's special contribution to today's service of thanksgiving.  Saint Nicholas' church building is one hundred and ten years old and each February on a Sunday next to the 9th we hold an anniversary celebration.
All day the music has been going around in my mind:

Praise and honour be to the one on high above us.
Praise and honour be to the one on high above us.
Let all praise him, and adore him.
Praise and honour be to the one on high.

Let all praise and honour him.  For all that he has giv'n.  
Honour glory and all praise to him who gives his love to us. 

I wish it had been recorded.  The choir was absolutely magnificent and this music takes us from the earthly realms with all that troubles ... into those heavenly places where nothing matters except fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Maybe it is the simplicity of the text...
Maybe it is the genius quality of the music...
Maybe it is the blend and combination of voices...
Whatever is the secret - there are times when the music of earth touches very closely the song of the angels in heaven.   And today was one of those times!

The recessional hymn...

In Christ, our humble head, we meet, and long to be
a loving people, wisely led, forgiving, strong and free.

Our walls of soaring stone, and tales of old renown,
can send us out and spur us on, or drag and weigh us down.

Yet saints of former years did not live in the past,
but shared their present joy and tears with Christ, the First and Last.

Then let us look ahead, expecting God will do
through Christ, arisen from the dead, things greater, good and new.

Church Hymnal number 650
Brian Wren (b 1936)

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