Thursday, 17 February 2011

New mouse!

... no, not one of the "catch in a trap kind" - thankfully!  This is a smart new mouse for the laptop.
 At least now I'll see the mouse in the dark!
Eliot wanted to get up early this morning ... too early for a Day Off ... too early even for a working day!
Once he'd enjoyed a wander in the garden he just curled up in a chair.  Meanwhile, as dawn broke I lit some candles.  The warmth here is just the early morning light with candles providing some extra fill in. 
 The glow from them warmed up the entire room though, typically, after I'd taken just one picture of him, Eliot got up and wandered away to hide somewhere else.  
 This next photograph is rather out of focus but something "arty" in it appealed to me.
 However, with the window behind me it seemed that the room was totally dark and all you can see is the light of the candles.  This was the photograph that I used for 365Project today.
It has the title: "Lord in your mercy ... hear our prayer."
Our prayer list at church has grown very lengthy.  Most names come from parishioners but a few are from folk who drop into the church building as visitors and strangers.  Some I know a little bit about but others are known only to the person who has put in the request.  
All are known to God.  
So regularly we hold these folk in God's presence asking for blessing - maybe healing, comfort, strength, protection .... or simply "Lord, you know his or her needs" ... 
"I lit a candle for you today" is a way of indicating that someone has been prayed for.  It's also an ongoing reminder to keep praying during the hours that the candles are lit.

Spirit divine, attend our prayers
and make this house your home,
descend with all your gracious power:
O come, great Spirit, come.  

Church Hymnal number 341
Andrew Reed (1787-1862)


ROBERTA said...

I just LOVE the header! You two are just adorable together! and the candles are glorious!

ROBERTA said...

oh, and another thing...what are the candles standing in?

Rev Elizabeth said...

A dish with damp sand. Then when candles burn down they extinguish themselves. The sand holds them steady too.
I was plagued with real mice most of last year ... eventually lost count of the death toll when it rose to over 30 ..... so all my friends are alert to possible new families of mice moving in!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roberta your new header is fabulous and so colourful and I like the pale blue background..also I like the candles too!!! :)) Judyx

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Judy.

Loey said...

I meant to comment on your new header.
A lovely photo of you & your faithful companion Eliot - just right!
The candles look great. I like the way Eliot makes himself comfortable on the chair :)