Thursday, 24 February 2011

A good day off.

 I'm about to begin writing in my Christmas present journal.  Beautiful white pages in quality paper with a cover designed for me!  It has been sitting patiently waiting for just the right moment ... and that is "now".  
 This book too has been on the shelf for ages ... so I'm looking forward to seeing what various writers have had to say about the search for God.   According to the blurb on the back:
Over the centuries, people have become alive to the presence of God in different ways.  This book explores seven primary paths of devotion to God, drawing on the writings of the great saints of the Church to provide a rich and practical history of Christian spirituality.
The description goes on to say:
For all who desire to enter into a deep and authentic relationship with God, Longing for God blends a reading of the core texts of the Christ faith with 'Reflecting and Responding' sections to help the reader on their own spiritual journey.
I've heard of all of the people used for the source material, and have even studied the works of some of them, so this should make interesting reading over the next three or four weeks.
This third picture is the 365Project one for today.  It is displayed under the title, "Rejoice with me....  
Just a week ago the little enamel earrings found their way into my shopping bag ... shops really shouldn't be allowed to have attractive displays right beside the till!!  Anyhow, after a lengthy deliberation and a discussion with the staff as to the relative merits of dozens of designs, I opted for this little pair.  Yesterday was their first outing.  All was well until just before choir practice when I noticed that one was missing!  Not good ... and no idea where it might be ... no point even beginning to search at that stage .... 
However, this morning, there it was!  Just lying on the floor under the loft ladder!
An odd place ... but then I'd been up and down to the attic a few times yesterday to put away the Christmas decorations - at long last!  They've been in the wee guest room since Epiphany!  So the earring must have slipped out in all of that movement and lay safely at home just waiting for me to find it.
Isn't it a good thing that I don't vacuum too frequently?  It might have been lost for ever if I'd done what I intended to do first thing today.  
Thursday is day off and usually some part of the house sees the Dyson animal ... it was sitting ready at the top of the stairs so that I could do the landing and bedroom immediately after breakfast.  Little earring had a lucky escape!
The moral of that story is "DON'T EVER VACUUM THE HOUSE"!
So, today, the 24th February has been a grand day ... found a treasure, enjoyed a lovely drive, shared good company and now looking forward to a relaxing evening with a book and the opportunity to watch a wee bit of television.  
Which reminds me, another book arrived from a second hand dealer today and I want to have a look at it as well.  A parishioner who is in hospital spoke to me about it - he always takes his copy into hospital with him.  On Rolling Wheels in the West by William F Burbidge, published during the war and it has the message on the back: 
This book is war-time production.   
It is easy to handle, completely legible, takes up less space on your bookshelf, is cheaper to post, and withal is full length and value. 
No doubt snippets from it will reach the blog from time to time.  
Now, time to shut down the laptop and curl up in the red armchair.

Speak, Lord, in the stillness, speak your word to me;
help me now to listen in expectancy.

Speak, O gracious Master, in this quiet hour;
let me see your face, Lord, feel your touch of power.

For the words you give me, they are life indeed;
living bread from heaven, now my spirit feed.

Speak, your servant listens - I await your word;
let me know your presence, let your voice be heard!

Fill me with the knowledge of your glorious will;
all your own good pleasure in my life fulfil.

Church Hymnal number 624
E M (Grimes) Crawford (1868-1927)


Anonymous said...

what lovely ear-rings and yes quite agree hoovering should be banned!!! Have you been watching 'My Life in Books'? brilliant series. take care, Judyx

Loey said...

Hi Elizabeth.
I just love the design in your earrings. So glad you were able to find the lost one :)
I enjoyed your entry today.
I am hoping to visit your blog more often :)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thanks Judith.. no ... haven't seen it (or heard of it) .. sounds like something I'd enjoy.
Good to see you again Lois... noticed you'd been visiting some of the 365 pictures!
And yes ... finding the new earring was a relief ... to get just one outing from them would have been a tad extravagant! They're an Irish design and company ... enamel on copper.