Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ah ...

 ... someone was bound to think of it!
One of my 365Project contacts in the US thought that it would be a good idea to set yesterday's matches alight!  I didn't take much persuading!
However, it had to be reconstructed outside where it was unfortunately a little damp and a lot windy .. so the experiment didn't altogether work.  In the interests of speed I used only three matches per row so the resulting conflagration wasn't as clear as I think it might have been with the blocks of five that I used yesterday ... it will just have to be done again!
It is good to play ... I often think of the fable ...
Two woodcutters were hired to chop down a forest. 
Both worked at the same rate throughout the day, apart from one difference: one of the woodcutters stopped on the hour, every hour, and rested for five minutes. 
At the end of the day, the first woodcutter looked at what he had achieved and was pleased with his day's work.  When he turned to look at the area that his friend had worked on he noticed that his friend had cleared almost twice as many trees as himself.  He asked his friend how he managed to cut down so much, although he had rested five minutes in each hour. 
His friend replied, "While I was sitting down to rest, I sharpened my axe."
 The postman brought an interesting small parcel today ... here it is charging the battery!
A couple of friends recommended it after I had wished that I'd recorded the choir's last anthem ... it seems that this will do it beautifully ...
Of course, at this stage I have to think back to my first Amstrad in the days when home computers were just about affordable ... but far from portable.  How far we have come in technology in the last few decades!  Or ... further back ... the home reel-to-reel tape recorder!  How big and bulky that was, with huge tapes that took up shelves of storage ... this dinky wee thing can store so much more in a space not much bigger than the "play" button of that tape recorder.
This kind of reminiscing is a sure sign that I'm getting old!
I do enjoy living in this age of digital photography, recording and ever developing technology.  What new gadgets will we see in the next decade?

God, who stretched the spangled heavens,
infinite in time and place,
flung the suns in burning radiance
through the silent fields of space,
we your children, in your likeness,
share inventive powers with you.
Great Creator, still creating,
show us what we yet may do.

As each far horizon beckons,
may it challenge us anew,
children of creative purpose,
serving others, honouring you.
May our dreams prove rich with promise,
each endeavour, well begun.
Great Creator, give us guidance
till our goals and yours are one. 

Church Hymnal number 27  (verses 1 and 4)
Catherine Cameron (b 1927)

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Loey said...

I like your new gadget Elizabeth. So true - all these new things are getting smaller & smaller.
The story is so true!
Match photos good too:)