Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Port or Starboard?

 On a ship (or in an aircraft) "port" is on the left and the light associated with it is red.  Easy enough to remember - port is red!  Also the word has four letters as does "left".
Some folk remember the sentence, "the ship left port" to help them sort out which side of the vessel is which.
Not that the red and green in the above photograph have anything at all to do with the sea.  Nor do they have "Christmas" associations as one friend suggested!  But now that he mentioned it ... they do have that festive appearance.
They are the microphone covers in the BBC studio for Radio Ulster.  There I spent a little while this afternoon recording some "Thought for the Day" meditations.
That gave me today's 365Project photograph!  Now, technically, I didn't take the picture ... but it was shot with my camera and I'd switched it on ... so I'm considering that it counts!
The script has to last for two and a half minutes ... a second or two either way is okay.  The first one was a second over ... the next one was three seconds short!  There really aren't many words in that length of a talk.
So, for the next four Thursdays, TFTD will have my voice and ramblings about photographs, Eliot (of course), allowing God to change us and other random stuff!
It has turned cold tonight ... so early to bed to get warmed up!

Heavenly Father,
you have called us in the body of your Son Jesus Christ
to continue his work of reconciliation
and reveal you to the world:
forgive us the sins which tear us apart;
give us the courage to overcome our fears
and to seek that unity which is your gift and your will;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer

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