Monday, 31 January 2011

Midnight and The Messenger

Oh dear!
Another night when the time has vanished ... all evening I've been trying to sort out The Messenger ... and it looks as if I'm not going to finish the job until Wednesday!
Tomorrow I've to be at a meeting all morning so the usual available time simply isn't!  Things would have been a little better if the desktop computer hadn't decided to have a hissy fit and simply freeze up.  It's off to the lovely computer repair lads just as soon as this magazine is printed.
Meanwhile ... I'd better get back to trying to fill a couple of blank pages!  Eliot, of course, sits smugly watching, content in the knowledge that his piece is ready!  One of these days he can do the whole thing!
The 365Project photograph for today is on the laptop, which is downstairs.  So I'll add it in the morning.
Other pictures taken today were in the Parish Halls where we did a bit of painting in preparation for the installation of new radiators later in the week.  At one stage we were all working ... although this looks as if one is taking pictures, one is supervising and one is working!!
This is the promised photograph ...

I put them together into a collage!

Forth in the peace of Christ we go;
Christ to the world with joy we bring;
Christ in our minds, Christ on our lips,
Christ in our hearts, the world's true King. 

Church Hymnal number 454
James Quinn (b. 1919)

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