Saturday, 29 January 2011

If only babies could talk!

I wonder what this little girl would say ... here she is just a few minutes after her baptism.  The one who poured large quantities of water over her now wants a picture!  Just look at her poor hair.  Half an hour earlier it was carefully brushed and sitting beautifully ... baptismal water is just as wet as bath water ... and probably a whole lot colder!
This is such an important moment in a person's life ... on her behalf her parents and godparents have renounced all evil and made a positive stand for Christ.  On her behalf they have promised that she will  follow the Christian way.
These vows she'll take for herself at confirmation.  In the meantime, parents and godparents will set a good example and ensure that she's brought up within the Christian faith and see that she attends Sunday Space and Church.
It was a very moving service today which, due to illness, was conducted in a little hospital chapel - and all being well little K will be welcomed into the church family at Saint Nicholas' towards the end of February.

Lord of all time and eternity,
you opened heaven's gate and revealed yourself as Father
by the voice that called Jesus your beloved Son,
baptizing him, in the power of the Spirit;
reveal yourself to us now, to claim us as your children,
and so complete the heavenly work of our rebirth
in the waters of the new creation;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect during Epiphany

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth that is just such a fantastic photo :) one to show K when she's older!! hahaha