Saturday, 15 January 2011


365Project throws up all sorts of unexpected trains of thought.  Today I wanted to post a photograph early so decided to shoot the first thing nearest to me - and that was the laptop.  More precisely, the little pile of earrings sitting on the corner of it.  Here the day's pair are placed until by the weekend there are usually quite a number ...
Not only do these represent a very varied week - but they come from all over the world ... New Zealand, US (at least two pairs), Turkey, England ...
It seems that earrings are among the oldest form of body modification.  In ancient Persia there is evidence that soldiers had ear piercings over two thousand years BC.
Biblical text has reference to the collection of earrings made from gold that were collected by Aaron while Moses was away a long time on Mount Sinai.  Exodus 32 tells the story of the making of the golden calf that became an idol and caused the people to sin against God.
Now, here's an interesting thing.  During 2011 the Good Book Shop in Belfast has arranged that the entire Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible is read, section by section, every afternoon in the book shop.  And the passage that I'm reading on the 25th January includes Exodus 32!  It might be best if I don't wear gold earrings that day!  If you're in the city then four o'clock is the starting time for the readings.

Almighty God, 
in Christ you make all things new: 
Transform the poverty of our nature 
by the riches of your grace, 
and in the renewal of our lives 
make known your heavenly glory; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Collect of the Second Sunday after the Epiphany
Book of Common Prayer. 

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