Saturday, 23 October 2010

2010:365:296 There is hope!

When this poor Yucca was rescued from my office at the end of May you'd not have given much for its chances.  It had existed through one of the coldest winters when the pipes froze and the ice lay on the ground for longer than usual.  It's a tropical plant and not accustomed to such serious neglect.  Neither watered nor fed for weeks on end - no wonder it looked very sorry for itself.
Five months later, having had TLC, it is now beginning to thrive and put out new leaves regularly.
What a transformation!  Back in the spring I wondered, "baptism or burial"?  It was totally immersed and then sprinkled regularly ever since.  Now it sits among the orchids as happy as Larry.  Who was Larry?
It seems that he may have been Larry Foley (1847-1917) who was an Australian boxer who never lost a fight and retired in the 1870s with a small fortune - therefore "happy"!
Or, it might be of New Zealand origin and refer to "larrikins" who are mischievous youths who liked to lark about!  
Either way it is an expression that is now in common use. 
The orchids have done particularly well this year and are flowering over and over again.  Conditions on the windowsill must be just about perfect for them.  The orchids don't mind a bit of neglect and dry roots, though I'll try not to make that mistake with the Yucca again.
Never give up - there is always hope!

O Lord of heaven and earth and sea,
to you all praise and glory be,
who loved us from eternity
and gave us all.

Church Hymnal number 363
Christopher Wordsworth (1807-85)

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