Friday, 15 October 2010

2010:365:288 Thank you, Conor.

What a lovely gift I received today.  A bag of freshly dug Kerr's Pinks.  Can you imagine the aromatic earthy smell that comes from the damp soil still clinging to their pinkish skins.  This lad is a bit of a genius - from time to time I've heard about his project, followed it with interest and I am so impressed.
He rented a field!  Now what fifteen year old ... or is he sixteen(?) .... rents a field?  In that land he planted potatoes!  Various folk gave him a hand with tractor work and some advice on the care of the crop but the work and day-to-day maintenance was done by this young man.  And we're enjoying the fruit of his labours.
He has even managed to get a contract to supply a local greengrocer with his quality product!  Now isn't that admirable?  What an entrepreneur!  
I can't imagine even thinking about such a thing when I was his age .... how fortunate he is in having supportive parents and friends who appreciate his gifting and enjoy the fruit of his labour!  I know that tonight's meal will be a very special one as I enjoy these beautiful potatoes.
There may be a small bias in my admiration - he (and his brother a couple of years before him) were in my Confirmation Classes some years ago.  But genuinely I stand back in amazement to think that one so young has achieved so much in this past growing season.  I guess the Harvest Thanksgiving will take on a very special meaning for him, and for his family, as they reflect on the process of working with God in the production of a good crop.  Of course, by the time the winter is over, his family may be longing for a good bowl of rice or a dish of pasta!
This gift certainly made me think about Harvest and God's goodness .... and then, on the way home this evening, I looked up and saw so much beauty just above the car when waiting at traffic lights.

I was very touched by Conor's thoughtfulness in sending me some Kerr's Pinks today and I am always grateful to God for the provision of all the good gifts that surround us.

Praise and thanksgiving, Father, we offer,
for all things living you have made good;
harvest of sown fields, fruits of the orchard,
hay from the mown fields, blossom and wood.

Lord, bless the labour we bring to serve you,
that with our neighbour we may be fed.
Sowing or tilling, we would work with you;
harvesting, milling, for daily bread.

Father, providing food for your children,
your wisdom guiding teaches us share
one with another, so that, rejoicing,
sister and brother may know your care.

Then will your blessing reach every people;
each one confessing your gracious hand;
when you are reigning no one will hunger,
your love sustaining fruitful the land.

Church Hymnal number 44
Albert Frederick Bayly (1901-84)

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Judith said...

they look fabulous = well done to Conor, take care, Judith