Sunday, 12 September 2010

2010:365:255 Sunday variety ....

Eventually last night's Planet Love stopped and the searchlight quality beam was switched off.  Once again silence reigned in this part of south Belfast.  
The church services this morning were both sacraments.  Eucharist first with just a few folk and then Baptism with a much more numerous congregation.
The afternoon had some space to enjoy the silence before going off to collect the painting from Saint Bartholomew's.
At the moment it is in the breakfast room .... 
... right beside my rocking chair .... but who knows how long it might stay there?  Things have a tendency to move around for a while until they end up in the place where I think that they work best.
Meanwhile the dogs, Eliot and our house guest Angel, had a competition as to who could scoff their food the quickest!  Then both of them had the cheek to sit waiting for me to finish so that they could have more scraps.  Needless to say that now the pair of them are stuffed and lying full length on the carpet.  It's bad enough having to watch where you step when Eliot decides to stretch out ... but with Angel's great length there isn't much space for the human occupant of the house at all!
It has been a good day but already at 8.30 pm I'm beginning to think of bed!  Maybe in an hour or so ....

All creation trembles before you, Lord God,
for you have plumbed the deep waters of death
and have brought us forth as new-born into your sanctuary:
may your presence go before us to guide us into your kingdom;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Celebrating Common Prayer
from Sunday evening prayers.


Ali said...

Oh Elizabeth, I feel your pain! We could hear Planet Love inside even over the Proms on the TV, and we're a good bit further away than you!

keneva said...

My second and third loves right there! Or should that be third and fourth? Love the photos- enjoyed your fb post this am!

Loey said...

What a busy day you had!
Love the photos of the dogs scoffing their food :D