Saturday, 14 August 2010

2010:365:226 Holidays are for ...

... Car Boot Sales!
Stretching back many years, the Bangor Abbey Car Boot Sales on the July and August Saturdays are a magnet for sellers and buyers alike.
One hundred and thirty cars were packed into the car park and green this morning and hundreds of thrifty buyers worked their way from boot to boot looking for bargains and making purchases which, in the weeks to come, will cause them to ask, “Why?”
For those who don’t know what is a “Car Boot Sale” – the philosophy is simple.  Gather all the items that you no longer want and pack them into your car.  Arrive at the Car Boot Sale venue, pay £5 and set out your wares on a table or in the boot/trunk of the car. 
Think of a price and try to sell everything!  It is best not to go round the Car Boot Sale buying items from other cars – that way you bring home more than you brought!
Saint Nicholas’ Mothers’ Union are holding a Car Boot Sale (our first) on the first Saturday morning in September using the hall car park.  So if any of the blog readers wish to empty their homes of unwanted goods then Cadogan Park is the place to be.  The MU will also have a stall from which you can make many purchases!  They’ll even sell you a cup of tea.
It was fun to renew friendships in Bangor this morning and to enjoy a cup of coffee and a fresh scone – well – two cups of coffee (thank you Gary)!
Some young friends of mine were selling off their unwanted toys so Mum and Dad came along with the transport and to provide encouragement.
My only purchase was a Chocolate Fountain!  I’m sure that will prove to be a very handy addition to the gadgets in my kitchen!  Or, maybe not?
Being a sunny day is a big help to the car boot sales and everyone was in great good humour.  It is a magnificent setting and must admit it was good to be back.
Eliot (seen here in front of the Abbey west door) was, as usual, the centre of attention and received many friendly pats as well as regular compliments on his handsome looks. 
He was quite well behaved except when one very small dog was held just inches from his nose – the lady owner didn’t seem to realise that this was temptation over and beyond what is reasonable for a mutt who loves to play!  It wasn’t altogether his fault that he tried to pull me off my feet in his attempt to reach the little mite. 
Maybe he was remembering the rabbits.
Before we made the journey to Bangor we’d had a walk at Murlough among the outer sand dunes.  In the next day or two we’ll go right through to the beach, but that wasn’t today’s mission.  It is a beautiful place and early in the morning was deserted.
On the way back this afternoon you couldn’t have found a space in the car park where we had been the only car at eight o’clock.
Too much excitement for one day – a quiet evening of television is required, I think.  I'm afraid that I had my first "unhealthy" meal of the holidays on the way home ... but that's part of holiday too (I hope)!

Watch, dear Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give your angels charge over those who sleep.
Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ; rest your weary ones; bless your dying ones; soothe your suffering ones; pity your afflicted ones; shield your joyous ones. 
And all for your love’s sake.

The power and peace of the Presence protect you.
The grace and goodness of the saints inspire you.
The good and gracious God go with you and keep you always.

The Rhythm of Life (Celtic Daily Prayer)
David Adam. 


Eva said...

Thank you for the prayer

Ali said...

Oh, I know someone who just LOVES car boot sales..... (not!)

Loey said...

Great photos.
We used a car boot sale to unload a ton of "stuff" years ago - BUT came home with more than we went with :D
My husband is a hoarder - lots of fun though.
I like your prayer for today too.