Wednesday, 21 July 2010

2010:365:202 Decisions...

Still following the 365Project theme of "Look but don't touch" I was spoiled for choice in the living room.  This Japanese lamp sits on top of the piano well away from passing dogs and inquisitive fingers.  She's definitely a "don't touch" object.  The fine porcelain moulded flowers are so delicate and fragile.
And, as you get closer and closer to them you can see that she is also dusty!  The figure is pure white but the lamp casts a warm glow onto the china.
Cleaning's a long painstaking job to be done with a soft brush as I'm afraid that a cloth might catch on an edge of one of the moulded flowers and break it off.  She looks magnificent when she's been spruced up and the light throws a beautiful glow from her corner of the room.  The lampshade isn't the one she once had - it was a darkish silk with a tassel fringe which has long since disintegrated.  The present shade was found at a junk sale and suits her quite well and is in the same style as the original.
My quandary was whether to use the Japanese lady or my icon as today's picture.
Saint Nicholas is on the opposite wall from the piano and is another definitely "don't touch" object.  I've written about the icon before, which is why I opted for the lady as today's shot.

Assuage our fear, O God,
and quieten our hearts to know you,
that being our refuge and strength
you may dwell in our midst
and make glad the place of your habitation;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Celebrating Common Prayer
Evening - Form 5

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