Saturday, 26 June 2010

2010:365:177 Sunshine!

No, this is not growing in my garden even though it was photographed there!  It is one of the heads from a bunch of sunflowers that I was given yesterday!  What better way to remember the event than to take a picture for the 365Project?
Not only is it not growing in the garden, but even the water droplets were added artificially!  
Sunflowers are interesting plants with a very long history.  If you want lots of information then I had a look at this site: and there's not much point repeating that information here, is there?
I took a few pictures against the morning sun and then had to lighten them so that you could see the flower!  That, of course, bleached out the sky!  I like the effect.
Even on a dull day (though today is far from cloudy) the sunflower brightens up a garden or a room.  
During the photo-shoot I wanted one with Eliot gazing lovingly into the flower head, perhaps sniffing it or maybe just looking at the camera with his beautiful big brown eyes.  He was having none of it!
Every time I moved in his direction he very pointedly turned his head away and sometimes even got up and moved deeper into the bushes!  Over a dozen times I tried to trick him into looking towards me but not once was he fooled!  You'd think he assumes that because he isn't facing you then he can't be seen!  It both amused and frustrated me... but the best I could do was his profile.... and it is a very elegant profile, I think!
Only afterwards it dawned on me that I could have used the camera timer and dashed round to sit on the bench... maybe next time!

The spacious firmament on high,
with all the blue ethereal sky,
and spangled heavens, a shining frame,
their great Original proclaim.
The unwearied sun, from day to day,
does his Creator's power display,
and publishes to every land
the work of an almighty hand. 

Church Hymnal number 35
by James Addison (tune: Londonderry Air)


Anonymous said...

I grew some beautiful tall magnificent sunflowers in my garden last year - one problem they turned and faced my neighbours garden so they had the benefit of their beauty not me!!! BUT they do cheer me on a dull day, take care Judith

Susan said...

These are beautiful photographs of the sunflowers. They are very interesting flowers. I enjoy your blog....oh and I liked your profile of Eliot.