Friday, 18 June 2010

2010:365:169 Flowers

The plant featured yesterday but at that stage I knew nothing at all about it.  Thanks to Lois there is a little more information available:
and it seemed like fun to pose Lay-About with it.  Lay-Zee is currently 'under the weather' with his broken arm but will no doubt bounce back eventually.  Syngonanthus is a tender plant, native to Brazil and requires warm temperatures and high humidity.  We'll see how it does in the rectory.  The pin head creamy/gold flowers last for up to ten weeks and it seems that syngonanthus flowers for the entire year.  At first glance it really does look as if someone has stuck knitting needles into the pot.  Another friends suggests that the Flintstones might have had it as one of their plants!  
Thinking about the Flintstones... the vuvuzela would have been an ideal instrument for Fred.... wouldn't it?
I was amused to see this notice on a friends 365Project page.  They'd been put on the doors in the German university where he is currently working.  I'm guessing that there are other places where a similar sign might be useful!
Like them, tolerate them or hate them - they're certainly a feature of this World Cup!   As with most things, you become used to them eventually, don't you?
Not that I'd know.  Apart from owning a small vuvuzela, which isn't used by me, I've not watched a single match... not even a single minute of a single match!  
The enthusiasm pleases me... I like it when people are passionate about their sport, hobby, church, God ...
My list would be in reverse order!
Church is where I spent my lunch break.  It was fun to be there and to take time to arrange some flowers ... the colours and the variety as well as the perfumes were just perfect on a bright and warm afternoon.  

What is there to write about them that they don't say for themselves?
I'd tried to get them at Saint George's Market... but of course, Friday (Saturday and Sunday) are general markets and you don't get the cut flowers then!  I did manage a picture or two!
I think there was some pineapple promotion going on and this colourful lady found her way onto a number of cameras!  There's a good atmosphere in places like that and lots of food to sample and to buy.  The fish curry was particularly tasty!

Almighty God and Father,
you have so ordered our life
that we are dependent on one another:
Prosper those engaged in commerce and industry
and direct their minds and hands
that they may rightly use your gifts in the service of others;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect of Rogation Days.

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Loey said...

I enjoyed your entry for today.
Lay-About looks very dapper posed there.
Your floral arrangements in the church are absolutely beautiful - you are very talented.
What a lovely array of bloomss.
(I did floral arranging for a few years, but it became too expensive to buy the flowers for each week's project).
I agree with you on the vuvuzela - awful sound - we have not watched the soccer for more than a half hour at a time & then with the sound off. :D