Tuesday, 25 May 2010

2010:365:145 The only name....

"How sweet the name of Jesus sounds in a believer's ear!  It soothes our sorrows, heals our wounds, and drives away our fear."  This photograph (and shadow) sparked off a number of quotations, hymns and prayers.... Every time I look at this carving, I smile.  Not just because of the name... but also for the memory that comes with the purchase.  At a Christian Resources Exhibition some time ago these were being sold at a huge discount because they weren't top quality!  The sign above them, deliberate or accidental, read: "Slightly Imperfect Jesus"!!  
This set-up for the photograph was inspired by another 365-er's picture where Tracy had used a carved "Home" to cast a shadow.  doing this picture was lunch time's amusement!
This evening has been a fun outing with the Ladies' Guild to a garden centre and then on to Gransha Presbyterian Church for supper.
There we enjoyed a fresh, tasty salad and good conversation around the tables.
Translink supplied the bus and we were ferried around in great comfort with room for all the shopping!
The evening ended as we watched a beautiful sunset over the hills.  I wonder if it is the volcanic ash that makes them so gloriously strong in colour at present.  The camera really doesn't seem to capture the full beauty of the sky... though it doesn't stop me from trying!  
I had taken a number of angles on the fish carving... with more time I'd have had another attempt at this one...
The olive wood cross was given to me as a gift from the Holy Land and it hangs in the front room all the time. I like the symbolism of the two items together - it is the cross at the centre of our faith that makes sense of everything.  

Jesus, my saviour, shepherd, friend,
my prophet, priest, and king,
my lord, my life, my way, my end,
accept the praise I bring.

Church Hymnal number 92
"How sweet the name" by John Newton


Loey said...

I like your photos for today.
They all meld in nicley.
You began your blog with Jesus & also finished with Jesus.
Very Nice.

Anonymous said...

what a fun packed day you've had - love your 'Jesus'

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you. It was another good day.