Sunday, 16 May 2010

2010:365:136 Blue Vase

"Lazy Sunday" is the name of a rather delicious coffee blend... and it is also a good description of my afternoon!  A light shower or two made it easy to stay indoors and watch the Grand Prix.  Today's race was more than usually eventful with the safety car deployed four times.
Eliot also assumed that it was a day for curling up and going to sleep; he's not been seen since lunch time when a few morsels of one of Marks and Spencer's "meal deal" dinners fell his way.  He'd not survive long on the amount that I shared with him but it was sufficient for Eliot to recognise that I'm the food provider and therefore the boss!  If only I believed that myself!
Taking a picture for 365Project was on my list for the afternoon.  No major statues or installations today.  Just a pretty little Danish vase - the factory - Lyngby Porcelain - was taken over by Royal Copenhagen in 1969 and ceased to exist.  That means the sapphire blue, five inch high, treasure that I have is at least forty years old.  There's not a scratch on it and I enjoy the depth of colour as well as the beautiful shape.  
Sunday postings are rather "thin" and this one has to end quickly as I'm due in church in just over half an hour!

Lord, dismiss us with your blessing,
fill our hearts with joy and peace;
let us each, your love possessing,
triumph in redeeming grace;
O refresh us, O refresh us,
travelling through this wilderness.

Church Hymnal number 75
by John Fawcett (1740-1817)

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Loey said...

I really like this - so simply taken.