Sunday, 9 May 2010

2010:365:129 Sleepy Sunday

Sometimes it's hard to get your mind into gear.... and Sunday afternoon can be a very "lazy" time.  Various questions were asked yesterday about Eliot's "bowl" so this is a better view of his favourite drinking spot.  Originally it was designed as a water feature and there's a pump to go with it.  It hasn't been used for its intended purpose and the dog has taken it over as his normal supply of water!  The highest column is just perfect for his height
although he drinks from each of the levels!
The design is based on the Giant's Causeway columns and the symmetry is very easy on the eyes!  Gradually the moulded plastic is getting a layer of lichen and weathering has made it more 'natural' in appearance.  Maybe someday I'll fit the pump and enjoy the flowing water as well.
Meanwhile, with a bit of bribery, "His Lordship" was persuaded to pose.... but only for a moment!
So that was this afternoon in between 'churchy' things and visiting and dozing.... a gentle photo-shoot in the back yard!  It has been good to have a restful time and begin to make a list for the incoming week.  Eliot might even get a little walk now before supper time.

Almighty God and Father,
you have so ordered our life
that we are dependent on one another:
Prosper those engaged in commerce and industry
and direct their minds and hands
that they may rightly use your gifts in the service of others;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect for Rogation Days

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What a lovley post.
I enjoyed it very much!