Wednesday, 5 May 2010

2010:365:125 Eats shoots and leaves.... copy a title that has already been used!  These little bugs were spotted on a morning walk with a friend Irene in the hills near her property.  Funny wee guys and quite unaware of the camera.  On a nearby plant a caterpillar happily munched his (or her) way through some yummy vegetation.
Food has certainly played a large part in this time in Turkey.  Celebration meals (more than one), lunches in various cafes as well as at home, dinner in the homes of friends or restaurants.... every kind of food and drink, as those who follow the blog will be well aware!

Coffee after meals or on its own was always welcome.

Tonight's little Turkish coffee was the perfect way to round off a wonderful meal.

Personal service from Firat made it a special occasion and he attended to our every need with great professional courtesy.

The evening began with a starter "on the house" and the flavours were just magnificent.  The bread was almost obscene in its size and between the three of us we only just managed to get it to fit onto the can see how it overhangs!

Main courses arrived and were devoured as if we were starving - the food was so good.  
And just when we thought we'd finished - my friend Firat had arranged for a special dessert to be provided and the music changed to "Happy birthday...."!  Isn't that just so thoughtful and lovely?  I have enjoyed getting to know Firat over this trip and most days we've had a short conversation.  He really did treat us like royalty tonight at his restaurant.  
And so another great day in Kas comes to an end.  The transport was waiting to bring us back up the hill.  I walked it in the afternoon - and was it steep?????!!!!  Let's just say that to do it once in a day is more than enough.
.....and so to bed.....

Eternal God,
you crown the year with your goodness
and give us the fruits of the earth in their season:
Grant that we may use them to your glory,
for the relief of those in need
and for our own well-being;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer.
Collect of Harvest.

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Loey said...

What a wonderful entry to read to go with your photos!