Tuesday, 27 April 2010

2010:365:117 Where has the day gone?

There are some days when the hours simply vanish and you look back, wondering what happened.
It began well with some particularly good toast and Marmite.  Not just ordinary Marmite.  This was from a limited edition special jar of Extra Old Marmite (XO).  My sister Ellen gave it to me on Saturday and you should have sniffed the wonderful aroma as the lid was removed.... it was just magnificent.
That jar will be guarded carefully and, when empty, will be treasured and kept as a souvenir.  I do that sort of thing... maybe one day could open a museum of old packaging....  or maybe not!
The list of things to do today was impressive... and not top of the list was polishing the silver.  Indeed, it wasn't even on the list at all.  If it had been it might have ranked somewhere about two hundred and twenty six.  So, what was the first thing I did?
Polish the silver, of course!
It was a job that needed to be done - just not today!  The tarnished teapot could have continued to be a tarnished teapot for a few more days or weeks.  And the salad tongs won't be used for a while either.  With many other more pressing jobs I got on with a favourite one instead.
Since this is all for food use it was then thoroughly washed, rinsed and dried.
Each stage of the process carefully recorded so that there'd be one picture to put on the 365Project site.  The end result was a tea service of which you'd not be ashamed even if my clothes go to Turkey un-ironed and I still don't have any Lira!  There's always tomorrow... and ONLY tomorrow!  
Some work did get done and there will be a leaflet in church on Sunday - so the whole day wasn't wasted (honestly).  
Stiff shoulders after the driving yesterday were treated to a nice warm bath.... 
What luxury!  
On balance it seems that the day had a fair number of indulgences and enjoyable moments ... and, what's wrong with that!?

Great and wonderful are your deeds Lord God, the Almighty;
just and true are your ways O King of the nations.
Who shall not revere and praise your name O Lord?
for you alone are holy.
All nations shall come and worship in your presence;
for your just dealings have been revealed.
To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb
be praise and honour, glory and might
for ever and ever.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Canticle: Great and Wonderful


berlois said...

Elizabeth, always such wonderful photos on your blog.
That toast looks so delicious.
You sure did you silver justice - very nice, ready for use, and that bath hmmmmmmm.
I haven't a bath in years. Sounds awful doesn't it! :)
We have been in drought for about 4 years and only allowed 4 minute showers, due to water restrictions.
However, we have had a lot of rain lately and out dams are at at 95%, so we are allowed to use a bit more water.
We are still only allowed to water with a hand held hose between certain hours and to use limited literage per day.
On a more exciting note!
Have a safe trip to Turkey and take some wonderful photos to show all of us.
I'm sure Eliot will enjoy his holiday too :D

The Rambling Rural Rector said...

Love the Marmite pic. It's one of my favourite things on hot buttered toast. Yum!