Sunday, 25 April 2010

2010:365:115 A little goodnight ramble....

The fuchsia plant was identified in the seventeenth century and named after a German botanist, Leonhart Fuchs.  Over one hundred varieties exist.  I've not yet identified the one in this photograph - a beautiful specimen given as one of a huge pile of birthday gifts yesterday.  I adore the shapes, colours, delicacy.... everything about the plant pleases me.  
Various shades of pinks and purples work well together.  Some of the decorations from yesterday's gathering are now in the rectory .... against the white panels the purple makes a dramatic statement.
I was asked if there were any pictures of "The Cake".  This is it!  Enough heat to melt the chocolate below and to set the smoke alarm ringing.  My niece took this picture just before the attempted blowing out.  Only attempted, since the candles immediately relit and could only be extinguished properly by putting them into water.  I expect Warren will remember helping me try to do the impossible!
You'll notice that the table is covered with confetti - quite a bit of that is now in the rectory as it seemed to fall from every package that I reopened here.
It's fun - though I suspect that it will take months properly to gather up all the tiny stars!  The turtles that were stuck all round the table are now gathered on a little tub waiting for a new home.
So the ramble draws to a close with a look at this very special jar of Marmite XO (and some Marmite flavoured cheddar cheese).  I've been looking for the XO jar for ages, without success.  And now - there it is!  Tomorrow morning's breakfast toast will have a little spread on it - look forward to that very much!  I might even have a slice before bedtime... just for "comfort"!!
After the evening service it started to rain .... heavy rain ... and so in the short distance to the car I got soaked!  So you see why I need the "comfort" and maybe a warm bath as well.  
So now I'm ready to get tucked up under the duvet for a long, and hopefully restful, night.

Lord Almighty,
come and scatter the darkness of our hearts
by the light of your presence:
that we may know you
the Light of the world
and the one true God,
blessed this night and for evermore.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Common Collect from the Late Evening Office.


berlois said...

I enjoyed your blog today Elizabeth.
You sound settled after your birthday celebrations.
What lovely photos were taken on your special day - so pretty.
I love the one of your cake & had to smile at your comment on the fire alarm being set off :D
Welcome to the club.
I celebrated my 60th last September.
Did you have your toast & Marmite XO before bed? :)
Thinking of you.

Rev Elizabeth said...

I can "milk" this birthday for at least another week....not actual until 2nd May.
No, didn't have a bedtime toast...I wasn't really hungry so decided against it after all.
You should have felt the heat that came from that ring on candles!! The wee lad's face was a picture as he tried to blow out the re-lighting candles!

berlois said...

I have had the experience of trying to light that many wax candles. Usually the wax is all over cake before the last one is lit ha! ha!
Lots of fun!! :D

those relighting ones are a lot fun especially watching someone try to blow them out :D