Tuesday, 13 April 2010

2010:365:103 Not my idea!

I don't take pictures of myself very often.  But, if the 365Project asks "Show your face" then dutifully the participants do just that.  So at lunch time today in what was still a relatively clean and tidy front room the camera was set up and Eliot conned into helping with the photo shoot.  He assumed it was some extra "me time" and enjoyed the fun, not realising for one minute that the flashing green light meant that the camera timer was working!
I was tempted to post alternative pictures as my 365Project shot.  This one, for example, caught the dog in that moment when he thought my face needed a good licking!  Ugh.  I don't DO licking face!
The other picture that was considered makes me look as if I'm totally empty-headed.  Maybe the camera just captures reality after all?

If dogs could talk I'd love to know what is going on in Eliot's mind.  I'm telling him to wait, wait...and ten seconds can seem like a long time when there's a restless dog beside you.  But what's he saying?  Answers may be left below!
One thing that stands out in each of the photographs is my watch strap.  I bought it in Kenya - in the Maasai Rural Training Centre workshop at Isynia.  The design is simple - beads on leather with slots through which any watch may be threaded.
I love it and wear it all the time.  When putting it on in the morning I'm thinking of my friends in Kajiado Diocese (Southern Kenya) and praying for them.  It's funny how many things through the average day reminds me of Kenya....wasting water is always a reminder.  Every drop of water was used carefully and thoughtfully when we were in Kajiado and it is amazing just how little water you need for a shower if you need to conserve it.  
So that was today's photo shoot.  I'd much rather take pictures of Eliot on his own or of flowers...but a challenge is a challenge!  And there may be a few more attempts at pictures of me.  Who knows, I may even get to like being in front of the camera instead of always behind it!

O come let us worship and fall down
and kneel before the Lord our Maker.
For he is the Lord our God;
and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand.

Book of Common Prayer
From the Venite.


berlois said...

Oh Elizabeth! I just love your page. The photos of you and Eliot are just wonderful. I too know what it's like trying to get a dog to just sit - while the timer runs out, it can be a real hoot and lots of fun and time :D

berlois said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Please accept my sincere apologies.
I just realized that yesterday was Monday and you had the funeral service for your Rector's Glebewarden.
Here was I sprouting about photos and the like and you had had such a stressful day. I really don't know why I said all that, as it was not directed to you & I shouldn't have put it on your photo comment.
You are so right though Elizabeth, there are days when you need to do something to cheer your soul.
I enjoyed your prayer for Monday.
Thank you
I enjoy all your prayers :)

Rev Elizabeth said...

Lois, Lois, Lois.....you mustn't be worried. The funeral was okay and a number of folk have said how helpful it was.
I totally agree about the editing thing and when I do it then I think it is good to admit it.... But when a picture turns out to be a gem all by itself then I like to say that too!!
So please don't be worried....I didn't see what you said as personal...just as a conversation topic...
I think it is great fun to have readers of the blog from all over the world.... where I just ramble! So....relax and enjoy!
God bless.

berlois said...

I will, thank you :)