Sunday, 28 March 2010

2010:365:87 Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday means the distribution of little palm crosses in church today.  The small children, assisted by a teenager and youth worker, took them round to everyone.  Talking to folk afterwards I discovered that some people have crosses going back years and years...I like that idea.  Usually mine get burned to provide the ash for Ash Wednesday!
This week I'll bring crosses to the parishioners who receive home communions.  Holy Week is always particularly busy but very, very enjoyable.  There are services each evening as well as all the private ones.
On Friday night we're holding the Tenebrae.  If you're in the Lisburn Road area do pop in to the Methodist Church at 8.00 pm and join us for the drama of that evening.  The Presbyterians, Methodist and Church of Ireland join together for the evenings in Holy Week but the services are not well attended.
Meanwhile, Eliot has refused to pose for any more photographs today.  Every time he spots the camera he goes off to another room.  We're looking after Angel tonight and she's more than happy to look beautiful - though getting any pictures while she's moving is almost impossible.  Angel is fast!  
When she's not tearing round the house or garden Angel simply flops - limbs everywhere!
At one stage this evening she was lying to my left and Eliot on the right but as soon as the camera was pointed in his direction up he got!  There'll be other opportunities.

Grant, O Lord,
that the word which we hear this day
may so take root in our hearts,
that we, living in accordance with your holy will,
may ever praise and magnify your glorious name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Evening Prayer

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