Thursday, 25 March 2010


It took a few days for this beauty to open.  Here it sits on the breakfast table looking spectacular.  There's something about its colours, the contrast with the strong strap leaves, the sunny centre that together heralds spring.
I think it is some kind of lily but will have to go back to the friend who gave it to me a long time ago and ask her.  This year is the first it has come into flower.  Season by season it just sat and appeared to do nothing.  It didn't die - it didn't live with enthusiasm  It just existed.
But this year, for whatever reason, it is showing an exotic splendour that I never could have imagined.  
I'll restrict the number of photographs on this blog to three.  Three from twenty seven that were shot in the early morning light.  Every angle, every change in light direction highlighted some detail that wasn't visible before.  What a beautiful way to begin a day - a bowl of White's Organic Porridge Oats, a mug of extra strong Fairtrade coffee and the beauty of a bloom that is seen only by me (and my guests too)!  God is good.

Loving Father, we give you thanks
for Christ's revelation of yourself,
his care for people,
and his joy in obedience ...

for the value he gave to human labour,
the strength he promised us for service,
the call to follow in his way ....

for all opportunities of work and of leisure,
all truth that we have learned,
and all discoveries we have made ...

Book of Common Prayer
Daily Prayer - Tuesday

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