Tuesday, 9 March 2010

2010:365:68 P is for Precious and Precocious Pampered Pet who Pretends to Protect and Preserve Particularly Pleasing Poppy Picture Presented by a Photographer Pal.

I'm quite sure that the poor pup has no idea what is happening although he seems resigned enough to facing the camera and being set up with props of one kind or another.  The bright red of this beautiful poppy photograph looks good against his glossy black coat.  
The 365Project continues to provide food for thought and makes me look at all kinds of objects in a different way.  It helps you notice angles and light, contrasts and focus.  There isn't always time to play with camera settings, or to use the light sources creatively, but the personal challenge of a photograph a day gives me great pleasure.
Some blogs, like this one, feel a bit "thin" on ideas and deep thinking.  But that's what life is like.  If the day has been particularly busy, as this one has been, then the mental energy to look at significant issues simply isn't available.
Today I had the great privilege of conducting a funeral service for a lady who was almost as old as the church itself!  In June this year she'd have been 103 years old.  What changes she must have seen in her lifetime!  In recent months her desire was simply to go to be with the Lord.  Failing health, memory, sight and mobility all made living an increasing burden.  Her generation of family and friends were long since gone and the world of which she had once been such a major part had shrunk to a small area in a very beautiful nursing home.
I had intended to do another 365Project photograph altogether.  My Kenyan friend the Rev Naftaly Lemooke joined me for tea this evening (dinner/supper for those who give the evening meal another title) and I'd planned to do "Priest and Pup" - but forgot!  Eliot remembered Naftaly from a couple of years ago when he was a student at the Belfast Bible College.  Like all friends a selection of toys was brought to him so that playtime could begin.  Sadly we had to leave the dog behind so we could receive remains at church for another funeral tomorrow.  Then a couple of steaks (with onions and chips) followed by crème caramel meant that the evening passed all too quickly.
And so to bed... hardly a "Thought for the Day" .... although if you go to "Listen Again" on BBC Radio Ulster you'll hear this morning's offering for the next six days.
Of course I took lots of photographs....you didn't think that you'd get away with just one, did you?

O God,
the maker and redeemer of all:
We pray for the coming of your kingdom,
that in the last day,
when you bring together all things in Christ,
we, with all who have died in him,
may enjoy the fulfilment of your promises;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Funeral Service


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz - so that's what Elliot looks like. Looks like a very friendly doggy. Just discovering the world of blogs

Anonymous said...

obviously not too busy