Sunday, 7 March 2010

2010:365:66 N is for Nicholas

This icon of Saint Nicholas hangs above my fire place in the rectory.  A good friend wrote it for me last year and it spent a few weeks in Saint Nicholas' Parish Church from Saint Nicholas' Day (6th December).  It is, I think, the one thing that I'd try to save if the house were burning down - assuming that Eliot and all humans were safe!
The detail is beautiful.

You really don't need words when you're looking at something as magnificent as this.  I should have taken more care with the light but managed to leave it too late in the afternoon to do justice to the icon.  Maybe you can see something of the prayer that went into the production of Saint Nicholas?

Now at the close of Sunday it has been a grand day and I've enjoyed the company of many friends.  Thank you all for coming!  (I know some of you will read this and smile... and think of Eliot...)  ... and so to bed!

Eternal Giver of love and power,
your Son Jesus Christ has sent us into all the world
to preach the gospel of his kingdom.
Confirm us in this mission,
and help us to live the good news we proclaim;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
Collect for Mission

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