Wednesday, 10 February 2010

2010:365:41 Love is ...

Continuing with the 365Project theme I noticed that the bird seed in today's shopping is "Sunflower Hearts".  That seems just right for the week leading up to Saint Valentine's Day.
Statistics tell us that over half of the adults in Britain feed their garden birds - that's an awful lot of food, I think!  The bird table here a the Rectory has Nyjer Seed, Sunflower Seed, Peanuts, some Suet and Mealworm mix plus a half eaten apple!  This provides food for a wide variety of garden visitors and it is fun to watch which birds are happy to share and which don't.  Clearly some species don't recognise that there's more than enough food to go round and that "Muggins" will keep filling up the containers, so they don't need to be greedy.

Father of light,
in whom is no change or shadow of turning,
you give us every good and perfect gift
and have brought us to birth by your word of truth.
May we be a living sign of that kingdom,
where your whole creation will be made perfect
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Book of Common Prayer
The Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity.


Ali said...

We had 10, yes 10 goldfinches on our birdtable last Saturday! They seem to really like the latest variety of seed

Rev Elizabeth said...

The most that I've had so far is three - and I thought that was good!