Saturday, 6 February 2010

2010:365:37 Sometimes you're just too close...

Sometimes you're just too close!

"You can't see the wood for the trees".

Parts of this strange object are in focus but what on earth is it?

What size is it?

Why does it exist?

Even when you turn it around and focus on another part the actual item is still unclear (unless you happen to be a dog owner).

Not all dog owners will recognise it - though that is a fairly big clue.

A lot of problems are like this - you're just too close to see the big picture.

So step back.  Take a longer look and put the "thing" in context.  If you see the whole picture the object's size isn't so awesome.

What is this multi-coloured object?

It belongs to my dog!

Over the years it has been well chewed and tugged.

And it isn't so large and scary as the initial photographs made it appear!

It is all to do with perspective.

It has been a while since Eliot appeared in a blog so this was my way of getting him back on the page.  But these pictures did make me think too about life's problems and difficulties.

There are times when we need to step back -  everyday we should take some space to reflect and put things in God's perspective.  Nothing is too big, or too difficult when God is in the picture.

Almighty God,
whose Son revealed in signs and miracles
the wonder of your saving presence:
Renew your people with your heavenly grace,
and in all our weakness
sustain us by your mighty power;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Book of Common Prayer
The Collect of the Third Sunday after the Epiphany.

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Anonymous said...

So very true Elizabeth.. thank you for your words of wisdom this morning. take care, Judyx