Thursday, 4 February 2010

2010:365:35 Procrastination....

2Do ... or ... not 2Do ....  
That's the question; as I watch the Goldfinches, blackbirds and a host of blue tits enjoy their soggy meal.  It is a horrible wet day in Belfast and there's no incentive to go to the beach as we often do on a Thursday.  
Getting organised seemed to be an excellent way to spend the morning so my new shiny book, still in pristine condition, lay unopened before me as the garden drew my attention.  This large colourful volume was going to be filled with lists of lists .... all the things that I might ever consider doing in the next while would be penned in neat columns and ticked off on completion!  
Gone - the scraps of paper.  
Gone - the notes on the back of envelopes or cheque books. 
Gone - the half remembered items that were never written down in the first place.
Yeah!  Right!  
If anyone can think of any other purpose for a 2Do book just let me know - at present it looks unlikely that it will be put to its intended use.  Perhaps it should join such items as the chocolate teapot ...
Even this blog is further evidence of procrastination ... here I am .... thinking about the things I intended to do, but not actually getting on with them!  That's where the lists would be useful - all I'd have to do would be open the 2Do book and start the next thing.  It works in theory, though I'm unlikely to know if it might work in practice as well.
However ... one thought does occur.  If my life were ruled by lists where might the creativity go?  The spontaneity?  What might happen to the spur-of-the-moment decisions to do something unusual or adventurous?  
So maybe I'm just happy as I am ... muddling through in a contented disorganised sort of way .... ready for anything!  This is the "me" that God made and loves!  Time will tell if 2Do goes any further than the bookcase where it looks most attractive and will be available at any moment, should the urge take me.

O God
from whom all holy desires
all good judgements
and all just works proceed:
Give to your servants
that peace which the world cannot give,
that our hearts may be set to obey your commandments,
and that we, being defended from the fear of our enemies,
may pass our time in rest and quietness;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord.  Amen. 

Collect at Evening Prayer
Book of Common Prayer.


Lyle's 365 photo project said...

Lovely piece, Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

You are NOT alone, dear Elizabeth! I have to make lists to remind me to make lists of things I need to do....but, I can't seem to get motivated to make me a list to begin with! :D