Friday, 29 January 2010

2010:365:29 Waste not ... want not ...

There's a risk that I'll sound like Victor Meldrew if this posting begins with "I don't believe it"!  However, I don't believe it!
The photograph for today, 29th January, was taken on The Enterprise this morning - for those interested in such detail I chose the vegetarian breakfast.  Presented neatly on a little tray is everything that you could possibly need to make the meal enjoyable.  But... and there was always going to be a "but...".  But it came with so many extra little bits that I didn't need or want.  The butter (not in the picture) was used on some lovely crisp toast, and so too was a wee packet of black pepper.  But, generally speaking I take coffee without milk or sugar (especially sugar) and rarely put sauce on anything or use jam/margarine on toast.  All of these items were carefully removed (by me) and set aside before I enjoyed the meal.  Later, when the tray was removed, all of the things that I didn't want were swept into the bin!  Can you believe it?  What a waste!  
Of course I didn't protest as maybe I ought ... nor did I want to take the little packets with me to the meeting ... but what should I do?  I know we live in a society where "disposable" is the watchword but, if this is replicated throughout the train, an awful lot of perfectly good food is being thrown away.  
Next time I'll try to remember to say "no milk, sugar, sauce, jam ...." or would that simply confuse matters for the staff who are trying to deliver meals as quickly as possible?

Eternal God, 
you crown the year with your goodness 
and give us the fruits of the earth in their season; 
Grant that we may use them to your glory, 
for the relief of those in need 
and for our own well-being; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. 

Harvest Thanksgiving
Book of Common Prayer


colliedoggie said...

I take all these extras home with me and keep them in the caravan!

Rev Elizabeth said...

It would be useful to have a caravan for just that purpose.... Maybe RCB should have a collection point at reception to receive all such unwanted extras and then anyone who could use them might take what they want.