Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Still basking... the glow of a great MU party! It doesn't take much to provide fun and laughter.

Put together a bunch of women (and a couple of men), wear party hats and have traditional party food and you have a recipe for a grand evening.

A funny poem or two, songs from the 1950s, a quick (and silly) quiz, with a few jokes for good measure and you'd think that the tea had been laced with something stronger.

As the celebration was of birthdays in general we sang "Happy Birthday to Everyone..." and the candles on the cake were blown out!

"A good time was had by all" is certainly true of last night's Mothers' Union opening meeting. The session started with a short liturgy and the lighting of candles. As each person in the group gave his or her name, and the place in which they were born, a candle was lit and placed in a pot of sand. We remembered our baptism and the light of Christ in our lives.

Party bags of pens, calendars and sweets were provided for the guests - none of whom knew that it was going to be a celebration evening! Everyone went home with a smile, a sense of having been with good friends and of having enjoyed some mighty craic!

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