Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Eliot and Mus Musculus

There's not a lot to say on this subject just now...but the "little friend" in the boiler room has sparked off an interesting idea. However, the path to fame is seldom a straightforward one. A book, "The Rectory Mice" is already available...I've just ordered a second-hand copy for 0.01p! To buy it new you'll pay at least £56.00! And "The Rectory Mouse" is worse. Rex the Rectory Mouse is available for over £90.00.
If the antics, real or imagined, of my little critters are to become fodder for a blog - then a title is required. There are many translations - some more accurate than others, I imagine. But what language to choose?

French :- Les Souris de Presbytère
Spanish: - Los Ratones de Rectoral
German :- Die Pfarrhausmäuse
Dutch:- De Pastorie Muizen
Italian :- I Topi di Rettoria
Portuguese:- Os Camundongos de Rectory
Russian :- Мыши Дома приходского священника
Norwegian:- Prestegårdene Musene
Simplified Chinese:- 牧师住宅老鼠
Traditional Chinese:- 牧師住宅老鼠
Japanese:- 牧師住宅老鼠

Now...if you have skill or knowledge in any of the above languages...please feel free to let me know about the accuracy or otherwise of the translations.
Meanwhile, I think of it as "Mus Musculus" - the common house mouse - or "muscle mouse" in my own imagined translation! "Parish Pest" might be another way to describe them... we'll see.
So Eliot may develop an odd partnership in the Rectory of Saint Nicholas'! Time will tell.

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