Friday, 29 May 2009

Lunch, picnics and work...

One workman has been "abandoned" outside my rectory. His job is to keep the traffic flowing by use of his "stop/go" lollipop. All the rest - who assured me that there's a problem with my drains - have gone off for lunch. Not that I've noticed any problem - but they are concerned enough to dig a huge hole in the middle of the road and fence it around with bright orange barriers. Maybe I'll nip out and take a couple of photographs so that you can see for yourself!
Anyhow, it is lunch break just now and I've had complaints that the blog hasn't been updated. So, it seems a good idea to put down some kind of ramble, if only to keep the critics at bay!
Lunch was warm and eaten indoors. The country is basking in a hot Friday according to the weather forecasts. But not here. Not in Belfast. Sometimes the cloud thins, the light level is raised and hope springs up afresh. But then, 'as sure as eggs is eggs', the cloud darkens again and the electic lights are switched on. No chance of sitting in the garden although with almost two rain-free days I'll be able to cut the grass. Gardener has turned out to be a bit of a failure. Every three weeks he scythes his way through...not enough, my friend, not enough. Next year I'll be looking for an alternative - maybe a goat! Meanwhile I use the push mower to keep the top below knee level.
Perhaps the sun will grace us with a visit on Sunday next - the Day of Pentecost. I do hope so. There's a United Churches Picnic and Praise Service at Saint Nicholas' - or in the grounds of the halls if you're looking for us. People have been encouraged to bring along barbecues as well - and I'm not at all sure how they would work on the wooden floors of the Parish Halls! It might turn out to be a very warm Pentecost for all concerned. At least our location is good - right behind the Fire Station! Maybe I should do a few free burgers and invite the crew to join us?
I like the way the four churches do things together - we're Belfast South Methodist, Windsor and Ulsterville Presbyterian and Saint Nicholas' Church of Ireland. We'll do a few balloons too and attach our names to them so if any make their way to your house - please send the label back or telephone us to let us know where the balloon arrived!
Everyone is welcome to join us on Sunday at 5.00 pm. Bring your picnic or barbecue (with rugs, chairs and anything else you like) and come along to the grounds at the John Mercer Halls on Cadogan Park. There'll be games for children and a short worship service. We plan to have the service at 5.00 o'clock.
Now - off to take a picture or two and then head out for afternoon visits. Have a great Pentecost wherever you are!

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