Thursday, 17 July 2008

Worse and worse!

Ten days since the wet washing became wetter and then dry and then wetter before it was taken into the rectory - clean and wet! The smell of damp clothes on radiators hung around the house for days. Mmmmmmmmm. Certainly a better aroma than wet dog!
And that's today. Poor mutt. The July sun has been rather liquid most of the month so his long hair has taken up quite a bit of water. Query: what would happen if I gave him a good clipping - bearing in mind that he is a beautiful (I may have a bias?) border collie/spaniel? He might grow back curly I suppose...
Of course, my own hair stylist goes on holiday tomorrow - just when I'm thinking that a hair cut would be a good idea. Ah well...think of the saving and the next cut will see me through the holidays.
August might even produce a bit of sunshine when we (the dog and I) can do some beachcombing or hill walking...
Blogging (or should that be bloging?) can be sheer procrastination. So maybe I ought to get on with the work that is waiting and stop rambling to an invisible audience. And anyhow, the dog has a piece to write for the Parish Magazine. He hasn't even put paw to paper yet! The deadline is this weekend so he'd best get barking.

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Ian Poulton said...

Wet dog is a very authentic smell!