Tuesday, 29 July 2008

When will I get a walk?

She, who must be obeyed (when it suits me), is never here! Holiday Club every evening this week and all the usual minister-y type things through the day...
Maybe I shouldn't complain. I did have a long run this morning - chasing pigeons in the park and having a good roll on the wet grass. And after last night's rain the grass was wet! I'm glad that my sodden hair wasn't too obvious because I was able to sneak into the drawing room for a comfortable rest while "herself" was doing a funeral. Trouble is - I slept too soundly - and was discovered! Usually I hear her coming and run to the door as if I've been waiting there all the time - just to make her feel a tinge of guilt at leaving me all alone! Ahhhh.
Now she tells me that the spare minutes are going to be spent getting Sunday Notice Sheets prepared for August - for the whole month! There again, I shouldn't complain. It does mean that we'll be enjoying the country air, the mountain walks and, my favourite, the smelly wraic! Oh the bliss of a good roll on the beach and the aromas that linger for days. And that's not even mentioning the sand in the boot of the car.
I wonder if the title for this blog could be changed to "The Dog and a Rev" since I seem to be doing most of the work? Perhaps I shouldn't push it just yet.
The theme tune for The Archers has just come on air so any minute now it will be "bye, bye wee pet...see you soon" and off she'll go without me. It isn't fair. And tomorrow it will be the same as they're going to see some new Disney film. Huh!
It's a dog's life.
And yes, to those nice people who comment - Eliot is for the famous TS. We had a friend for a few months last year who strayed into our property and he was given the name "Keats". There must be some kind of interest in poetry...
And, hello to Jodi. Imagine having a cousin in Australia who reads this rambling! Say "Hi" to all the folks there - how ever did you find this blog? It makes me feel quite famous, though "herself" is very cool about it all!
Back to the sofa for me - unless the door to the "forbidden room" has been closed properly!


Betheny said...

hey, my name is betheny n i been told to look u up lol
i believe u kno my marnee? margret u prob kno her as haha

neway, hope to hear from u

Ian Poulton said...

Ah, Eliot, the sofa, now I understand those lines,

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time"

They were about the sofa!