Thursday, 15 May 2008

Cone Zone

The park is lined with "No Parking" cones - bright yellow dots under the street trees. Never is the park so clear. Though "The Show" has increased the volume moving along, especially towards evening.
It was a great day wandering through the stands, admiring the livestock, gazing at machines that are bigger than my entire garden... Sun shining, crowds happy, it is the Balmoral Show at its best.
Back on the home front there's a mountain of work to do - both in the house and in the garden. No doubt what is essential will be done - the rest will simply have to wait!
Off to watch the news...


Julia said...

what about christmas?

hehe xo

Rev said... one...October...?

How do you do the link?????

Julia said...

for the link you need to go to edit layout, and then you can add links to all kinds of web pages. You need to type/paste the address into the appropriate box and give it a funky name in another!!!!!!!!!!! use the force??